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European Project.

Cooperative learning.

Multiple intelligences.



What´s going on!


National & european Quality label

Spanishpolish, italian and slovakian coordinators have received the "National and european Quality label" by etwinning platform. 

Sept. 2018

Virtual meeting. Kahoot game

Schools participants hold an Skype meeting playing a Kahoot game all together.

May 2018


This is our Final Logo. It´s a mixture of the 5 finalists from each country. We decided to mix them on 1st. Trasnational meeting

Spain 1

Spain 2





Spain 1

Our Project on eTwinning


Sz. hradna, 22

Nové Zámky

23RD-25th MAY 2018

Meet The Little Prince

A tale for children and Adults

The Little Prince is the character chosen as motivating that will guide our project. Through him we will explore the different Multiple Intelligences, learn to work cooperatively, discover our emotions and express through arts.
His world will inspire us throughout the educational process and gradually become an important part of our lives.
It is a story that can be read with the eyes of child and adult eyes. Everything depends on our inner eye.

We invite you to explore his Universe ...

Murals & puzzles of the Little Prince

Spanish students of CEIP GUERNICA have created murals and puzzles with different parts of the story of "The Little Prince".Each class, from children 3 years old to 6th grade, has worked in pairs or small group a part of the mural or puzzle of the essential characters of the story applying different artistic techniques. All of them have been exposed in their classroom or halls of the school and arranged in the right way, shape the story.

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