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Little Prince sculpture

1st. great cooperative work shared and implemented in Poland (22nd-26th may 2017) by 25 students of 5 different countries of the the Project.

Each country chose an artistic technique necessary for the construction of the sculpture.
The students worked the assigned technique in their respective countries on the previous months before the meeting, and recorded a TUTORIAL. 

  • SPAIN: Paper maché

  • ESTONIA: Recycled materials

  • POLAND: Object transformed

  • SLOVAKIA: Lettering


Art techniques







bulding the sculpture in poland

1. Making mixed groups


  • Each group was made by students of different countries.

  • They had to comunicate in english. 

  • One support teacher was asigned to a group.

  • Different roles were assigned.

2. Paper maché

  • Each group worked a different part of the sculpture using paper maché technique.

3. Workshops

  • Tutorials was used to make different workshops.

  • Objects made were used for the final exhibition.

4. Documenting the process

  • Italian students in charge of ICT documented all the process using pictures taken and webtools like Smore or Animoto

5. Final Exhibition

Little Prince Music  show

2nd. great cooperative work shared and implemented in Estonia(23nd-27th april 2018) by 25 students of 5 different countries of the the Project.

writting the lyrycs

Month: september-october 2017

Slovakian partners composed and wrote the lyrics in English, based on different parts of the story of the Little Prince according to the structure of VERSE-CHORUS


Each country translated it into their own language and adapted it for later musicalization.

There was a planet in the outer space,

B-612 is its name.

The Little Prince sat there, ‘lone and sad,

with no one there, no friend to have


       He then found a wise fox,

       And a sheep hiding in a box.


The geographer and the businessman

For every day they had a plan.

One loved his maps, he was so obsessed,

He never even went to bed.


      The pilot flew to the planet

      Where he found an elephant in the desert.


The businessman was so precise,

All he did, was counting stars.

Day or night, he did not care,

He lit the stars everywhere.


        The Little Prince loved The red rose

        In high clouds she had her nose.



Month: november-december 2017

To compose the Music we chose two options:

  1. Original composition (Spain, Poland, Estonia)

  2. Adaptation of the lyrics to a well-known music (Italy, Slovakia)


Each Country was assigned a musical STYLE for its song:

  • ESTONIA: Reggae

  • SPAIN: Latin-pop

  • ITALY: Ballad

  • POLAND: Tango

  • SLOVAKIA: Rock






designing the stage

Month: december 2017-January 2018

ACTIVITY: Shoe-box


The stage was designed through a cooperative activity using boxes (as a stage) and making small little characters "musicians" or "artists".

making a video-installation

Month: february 2018

Italy partners has made VIDEO-INSTALLATION with a selection of different photos of each country in different phases of the Project adding the texts of the songs. This video was used to project it during the "show" in Estonia.

creating a choreography

Month: february-march 2018

Each country created the choreography of their own song to make a dance. Different video tutorials were made to learn all the dances.





dancing in the classrooms

final show in estonia

Month: 23rd. 27th april

1. Making mixed groups


  • Each group was made by students from different countries.

  • The communication was in English.

  • A support teacher was assigned to each group plus the help of a art teacher.

  • Different roles were assigned


2. Costumes


  • Each group designed and created the costumes of a country inspired by the shoe box that the same country had already created.


3. Scenery


  • Each group designed and created the scenery of a country inspired by theshoe box that the same country had already created.

4. Rehersals


  • Music backtrack: music teachers

  • Choreography and voices: students from each country

  • Scenery change: students from each country


5. Final concert

Video of the "Little Prince Music Show" held on Thursday, May 26th, at 16:00 h.

Little Prince Music Show!

All the cooperative activities were necessary to achieve the great final goal of our meeting: The  Little Prince Music Show!

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