27th FEB-1st MARCH 2017

2nd. Trasnational Project Meeting

ic bobbio


Wellcoming in Travo and Bobbio

Warm welcoming from the Educational Community of Travo and Bobbio (first day in Travo, second day in Bobbio). The representatives of the authority, teachers and pupils of both municipalities welcomed us with dances and songs, 

Researching work

We observed, compared and drew conclusions about the evaluation results of the cooperative challenge developed during the first intermediate period (from November 2016 to February 2017).

This challenge was entitled "The trees of my environment" and was designed by combining two multiple intelligences: naturalist and linguistics

The students had to investigate about the trees of their surroundings, about literature related to the trees to finally create a "libretto" and compose a poem and recite it.
All this was done in a cooperative way and we could start to evaluate how was the methodology worked.

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sharing cooperativechallenges

All the Project partners, teachers and students of the IC Bobbio shared some of the librettos created by the cooperative teams of the different countries. The Italian students showed us their work, told us their stories and recited their poems about the trees.

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New challenges

One of our working sessions was about  the creation of two other cooperative challenges based on logical-mathematical and kinesthetic-body intelligences.

We splited ourselves in two groups and, cooperatively, were shaping these challenges that students will develop in the intermediate period that runs from March to November 2017. It will be this month, during the 3rd Transnational Meeting of the Project in Spain, where we will evaluate and share the results and experiences obtained.


We visited REGGIO CHILDREN, International Center Loris Malaguzzi, in the town of Reggio Emilia.

It was a visit of great interest by the influence of the methodology this school is developing nowadays based in active education.

We were informed about their methods and we visited the Ateliers (spaces where the workshops are held), guided by an atelierist that explained us the different workshops that are taught and the way in which the children use them.

This experience has given us a new way of conceiving the teaching-learning process based on the importance of the spaces, the curiosity of the child and the idea that children only learn what is interesting for them.

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Trebbia Valley

The Trebbia Valley is a beautiful place crossed by the river that gives its name, the river Trebbia. It is located in the Emilia Romagna region, south of Milan.

Bobbio and Travo are two little medieval villages at the riverside. Strolling through its cobbled and narrow streets seems that time has stopped and you appreciate a great respect for culture and art in all its buildings, especially in its churches decorated with impressive frescoes.

Bobbio has a magnificent medieval bridge called Huchback Bridge that stands majestically on the wide riverbed.

We also visit Piacenza, the capital of the region, a quiet town with a lot of History,

One of the main goals of our project is to involve the Educational Community.

On the first day, italian team organized and act  to introduce the Project partners to the Community. It was  presided by the mayor of Travo, and each country could expose essential aspects of its culture with some presentations.

Among each presentation children could  play different traditional games of each country.

On the other hand, the Project partners keep on creating bonds through programmed activities, cooperative dynamics, and moments of reflection, work and leisure.

Community building