22nd-26th MAY 2017

1st. Students Meeting

Little Prince Sculpture



Warm welcome from the Educational Community. The Principal of the school and the project Coordinator opened the ceremony at the school's auditorium. Then, several groups of students performed traditional dances and songs that they had prepared just for the event.

Cooperative Work

Building together

25 students (5 from each country) and 11 teachers have gathered in Strawcyzn to make the first great cooperative work of the Project; A sculpture of "The Little Prince",
They began constructing the sculpture mixed by groups of different countries with different roles. Each group built a part of the sculpture using the papier maché technique.
A problem arose: the built parts did not dry out on time, and another kind of "sculpture" had to be made with polyspam.
The final exhibition was made with this sculpture, but it was possible to take advantage of the parts discarded to build the one that was originally intended.
This unexpected problem helped to overcome the situation and achieve the goal in another way.


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The Italian students, in charge of the ICT, made an exhibition flyer using the web tool Smore.

On the last day, as a culmination of the meeting, an event was held to celebrate the EXHIBITION of the SCULPTURE of the PRINCE, in the hall of the school, all together with all the students and teachers who intervened in its construction.


Artistic Workshops

At the school

In order to complete the sculpture of "The Little Prince" workshops were held connected with the tutorials that students had previously recorded before the meeting, based on different techniques.
These workshops, along with the construction of the sculpture, were both activities in which they had the opportunity to communicate and get to know each other in an environment of cooperation.

At Tokarnia Ethnographic park

This Ethnographic park actually is built by a sample of different rural constructions of last centuries. In one of them, the students held a very interesting activity based on a clothes doll workshop in which they made a "Little Prince" with fabrics.

Cultural visits

Cooperating in Kielce

Kielce is the capital of Swietokrzyskie region. It is very close to Strawczyn, and all the students attended to a cooperative gymkana cooperative to know the city.
Each group was made up of students from different countries accompanied by two teachers. Each student had a role in the essential equipment to carry out the activity.
The objective was to get different parts of a puzzle solving different tests in a tour of the historical center. But above all ... have fun and get to know each other.

Visiting Krakow

We spent a whole day in Krakow, old capital of Poland and one of the most important cities. There, we were separated in two groups and each of them went with a guide around the most important areas of the city. At the end of the tour, the students had the opportunity to find out their knowledges about the city by doing a final test.






This is the school that hosted our first student meeting of the Project, It is a public primary and secondary school in which its director and teachers have put every effort in the organization of all scheduled activities. We had the opportunity to visit their classrooms and discover how their students learn.

The place

Strawczyn is a beautiful village located in the region of Swietokrzyskie, southeast of Poland. It is situated in a rural area of about 1000 inhabitants, and has been the birthplace of the famous Polish writer Stefan Zeromskiego. One of its main attractions is a lake located on the outskirts, and of course, its friendly and quiet people.


The Little Prince

The play

A group of high school students delighted us with a play inspired by the story of "The Little Prince".
Great work of interpretation and staging of these students that helped us to keep in mind this character that inspires all the activities of our Project.


Working E+


The students evaluated the artistic activity (construction of the Sculpture and workshops) and general aspects of the meeting in Strawczyn.


The team of coordinators and teachers dealed with aspects of the projects such as:

  • Record sheets of the cooperative challenges made at the meeting in Italy.

  • Objectives of the next transnational meeting in Spain

  • General aspects and preparation of the next students meeting in Estonia where they will perform a musical of "The Little Prince"

Community building

Hosting families

Several families of the school offered to welcome in their houses the students of the different countries. The experience was excellent and they were like a second family everytime. It has been a great opportunity to know the way of life and customs of another country

Cultural presentations

Students from different countries presented essential aspects of their culture to their peers and host families.

Activities at Sports Center

Some activities were carried out at the Strawczyn Sports Center (games, sports, swimming pool ...) to socialize the students and create an environment suitable for communication and cooperation.

BBQ at the lake

On the last day, the host families and some school teachers organized a barbecue at Strawczyn Lake. It was a farewell party in which we shared unforgotable moments.

Other moments

Meals, dinners, walks, talks, reflections ... were other important moments among the members of the Erasmus + team that tightened our ties a little more.


Video-summary made by Italian students using ANIMOTO webtool

Video-summary made by polish coordinator.