Kahoot game

All schools participants  held an SKYPE meeting playing a Kahoot game. Students had to ansewer 25 questions about different aspects of our 5 countries. 

At the end we could say hello and chat together to know each other better.

The meeting was succesfull taking into account that we tried to arrange some online activities without success due to problems on the net connection.

May 2018


It´s a fact that it´s not easy to hold an online meeting among several schools at the same using web applications such as SKYPE, ETWINNING LIVE or others. Not all of them have speed connections, and in so many times the Educational Administration use some firewalls to avoid problems. 

This was just our case (along almost 2 years of the project). We had to solve this problem using video recordings for ART activities (instead of virtual meetings) neccesary to attend students mobilities in POLAND and ESTONIA. In both cases video-tutorials were recorded to show and practise different art tehcniques and some dances. 

Those videos can be watched in this LINK